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Half-Mile Ray


SL040The nations of the world are often credited with their industriousness and ingenuity during the 1930s and 1940s, mobilizing the goods and services of whole economies to war. Less heralded is the return of war goods into items for daily use. The tradition of converting defense materiel into civilian goods is long. Just as the Internet began as a defense project, so too (probably) did many ancient inventions.

Our Half-Mile Ray is another in this long tradition. Originally designed for the merchant marine and re-tooled into Navy use, the lamps were re-re-used after the War on a variety of barges, yachts and pleasure craft. With AM, the lamp gets yet another use. Our reproduction on a mahogany tripod is true to the original, down to the smallest details. But rather than lighting your way through sea spray, we’ve mounted it on a stately tripod for use in a home or office. The brass and aluminium head rotates up and down for a contemporary, yet vintage 1930’s look.