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Dakota DC-3


When our designers set out to expand our range of early flight models, there were a few that stuck out as important, a group of firsts. The first Trans-Atlantic flyer, the first fighter, the first trans-continental passenger plane, even the best-known Zeppelin or flying ship. The DC-3 has no ‘first’ to its name, but it stands out nonetheless as the rugged, go-everywhere plane that revolutionized air travel around the world. This was the original workhorse of the skies: used to transport passengers, cargo and mail worldwide from the late 1940’s through today. More than 10,000 were produced, making this one of the very best-known airplanes in the world.

Our model is true to the heritage and legacy of the Douglas DC-3, in a scale of 1:30, with a wingspan of 98 cm. Aluminium sheet is wrapped around a model frame, and we of course supply a beautiful display stand. We are very proud of our DC-3 and we hope you will cherish it as much as we do.

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