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Bantam Midget Spindizzy


The Spindizzy, such as our model Bantam Midget, was a 1930’s-era American invention. This was an era when a man (mostly men) with some technical background could still build his own racecar.  Anyone could be the next Enzo Ferrari (who started his company in 1929), Ettore Bugatti (1909) or Gottlieb Daimler.  There were no computers: all you needed was metal, fuel and a lot of time.  The first Spindizzies were built by the Dooling Brothers, adding a small airplane engine to a model car.  Chained to a post and racing along at dizzying speeds (hence the name), tether car racing soon took off during the Depression.  By the 1940’s, the models were racing at more than 150 miles per hour (240 km).

AM’s interest in Spindizzies began a few years ago when our founder, Haring Piebenga, had a conversation with one of the model enthusiasts who seek us out from time to time.  AM has never built automotive items, but this was interesting: art deco era racing with a fun history and the requisite attention to detail that we love.  We picked up a few old models here and there, via Ebay, collectors or shops: a few Dooling replicas (including the Bantam Midget), an original BB Korn Indianapolis Racer to begin with.  Then, working with the craftsmen who build our highly-prized airplane collection, we began to build some prototypes to show to key tastemakers.
Our Bantam model is built from aluminium, with cherrywood base, rubber wheels, wire spokes and the exquisite attention to detail that our customers have come to expect.