The world we are familiar with today is very different to how people believed it to be in the past. As explorers discovered new territories and countries laid claim to them, there was a repeated need to re-map everything. With this, the incredible art of globe-making thrived. Achieving accuracy and intricate detail required painstaking work, hand-gluing copperplate-printed gores onto a plaster-finished papier-mâché core. As new knowledge was amassed, old versions became outdated. Yet their stunning beauty and historical significance retains timeless appeal.

Authentic Models is proud to be renowned as a world leader in antique globe reproduction, replicating the complex gravure printing technique which results in the sharpest lines, words and symbols even on the smallest object. Our collection represents five centuries of globe development by some greatest names in cartography, tastefully mounted on sympathetically designed stands to bring old world charm into even the most modern of settings.