Enjoy the flavor of a bygone
era of luxury. Furniture made
with our trademark love for detail,
perfection, and history.

Designed by engineers for
practical use, now reclaimed for
extraordinary repurpose. Romantic,
appealing, and highly functional.

Our captivating collection of
sailing ships and runabouts,
nautical artifacts, instruments
and accessories continue to
fascinate and intrigue.

Enjoy a fascinating, exemplary
collection of exquisite models
and artifacts of early flight.

Covet. Cherish. Live a fantasy
collecting objects of imagination.
The breadth of our museum
collection truly amazes. Great
as décor, unique as gifts.

See the world through the eyes
of explorers and navigators
centuries ago. Our globes
and maps offer visual history,
and make adventure and
exploration real.

For inquisitive minds that need
the stimulation of fun and
interesting projects.The perfect
gift for the insatiably curious
child in your life.

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