Exploring the frontier

A beautifully handcrafted globe is both a work of art and a historical reference point. With different versions through the centuries reflecting new knowledge gained by explorers and new territories claimed by countries. Authentic Models is a world leader in antique globe reproduction, still practicing the traditional complex gravure printing technique developed to display fine details.

Our collection represents five centuries of globe development by some of the greatest names in cartography, tastefully mounted on sympathetically designed stands to bring old world charm to even the most modern settings.


An ode to the famous Dutch cartographer, Gerardus Mercator. As a scientific symbol, our bookends add a touch of distinction to home and office. Matching celestial and terrestrial globes dating back to the 16th C. Bronze mountings and French finished stands. Our globes really gives the feeling of living in the age of exploration.


Gilles Robert de Vaugondy and his son, Didier Robert de Vaugondy, were the leading mapmakers in France during the 1700s. Didier was appointed geographer to Louis XV in 1760. Carrying science and history into the world of home décor. A unique combination of classic globe replica from historical cartography with spectacular decorative stands.


Legendary cartographer, Jodocus Hondius, worked in Amsterdam during the 1600s, then one of the world’s commercial hubs. Spin the world and enjoy a touch of true history. Galleons sailing oceans to the farthest corners of the then known world. Exotic cultures, languages, people and goods to be traded, bought and sold. Gold and ivory, spices and silks.


The world in 1921, roaring and still triving. Somehow the French were able to create simple yet utterly scintillating globes and globe stands. The Weber Costello globes are displayed on ebonized wood stands or on an ebonized rosewood stand accented in nickel-plated brass. Colored gores are applied to the globe core by hand with authentic construction and detail.


Our armillary sphere are models of objects in the sky, consisting of a beautiful framework full of rings. With the Earth or the sun in the center, and lines representing the celestial longitude and latitude with other astronomically features. We recreated our armillary spheres so you can map the constelations like the ancient greeks or chineze.