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Before the technological revolution, intrepid explorers depended on finely calibrated analogue instruments to measure time, assess weather, read maps, survey surroundings and identify direction.

Capturing their spirit of adventure, Authentic Models’ fully functioning compasses, visionary aids, time-pieces and weather measuring devices pay homage to the significance of these inventions. Our skillfully crafted pieces charm in their aesthetic beauty while allowing you to put your own skills to the test.


Victorian engineers loved to thinker with design, and make things look interesting and especially larger than life. It always pays to have a close look! That picture of grandmother in a group of 27 classmates, from 1919. Did she wear earrings? Our magnifiers allows detailed examination of maps, coins, and other wonders. A tool for the curious of mind.


An intriguing and classic explorer’s and navigator’s tool. After dinner, having enjoyed a chilled Chardonnay, nothing is more relaxing than observing birds and wildlife or neighbors with a tripod mounted telescope. Pull out all the way and focus by adjusting the smallest eye-section. Feel like a sea captain scanning the horizon from a heaving aft-deck and enjoy the view!


Through centuries of technological innovation, we’ve charted the whole world. But early navigators and explorers setting out didn’t necessarily know were they were headed. Guided only by a simple compass, the stars of the night sky, early octants and astrolabes. Discover early navigation, enjoy an unbelievable collection of compasses from various eras.


Victorian engineers loved to thinker with design, and make things look interesting and especially larger than life. We combined various items as a richly nostalgic, and gracious set. Each set has it own items; from the classic Sandtimers, our beautiful and functional Compasses to our historical Magnifiers or our inspirational Whistles.


The clock is one of the oldest human inventions, meeting the need to measure intervals of time shorter than the natural units: the day, the lunar month, and the year. In today’s digital world where the elegant science of navigation is hidden from view, this intricately beautiful instrument is a perfect reminder of the human endeavour which paved the way.