Out at sea, highly functional lighting that’s unforgivingly robust is essential for safe passage. During the first half of the twentieth century, lamps were the primary method of guiding the way, declaring presence, enabling communication and facilitating on board activity. The distinctive fixtures prevalent on the ships of this period have recently re-emerged in antique shops, to the delight of a whole new audience. With substantial price tags to match.


Your interior shouldn’t be without our table lamps. A sophisticated table lamp for a contemporary, traditional, or trendy living style creates a relaxing ambiance and illuminates any area of your home. Perfect for a bedside table, a sideboard, a TV stand, an open cabinet, or a side table. Or place one in your office so you can work in style.


Our standing lamps can transform the darkest corners of a room into the most inviting spaces to read, relax, or work in. Ideal for large spaces, as it provides a lot of extra light. Besides being functional, our standing lamps add sophistication and style to your home. Enlight your home today with these Authentic Models lamps.


A hanging lamp over your dining room table may really set the mood. The hanging lamp’s design is important, but the ambiance is also influenced by the material and light source. Because of this, we gave our line of hanging lamps careful consideration in every way. Our hanging lamp can also be placed in the living room, hallway, bedroom, or kid’s room. Light up your interior today!