Unified by our passion for making past-era beauty and craftsmanship relevant to modern-day living, each of our furniture and décor collections has been thoughtfully created to inspire and delight. Come and discover how your interiors can take on new meaning with distinctive aesthetic appeal.


Man has always been fascinated with conquering the skies. In 1783 this obsession became reality with the first manned balloon flight. The airship appeared 69 years later, and aeroplane flight was achieved for the first time in 1903. Each of these inventions opened up glamorous worlds of adventure and exploration. In parallel, the use of military aircraft cemented aviation’s pivotal role in warfare, simultaneously posing threats and creating heroes.


From secluded bays and tranquil seas to iconic rivers and daunting oceans, life on the water has meant many different things to different people through the ages. Explorers, immigrants, leisure travellers and those of a sporting disposition have each established their own bonds. Some through purpose, some for competitive challenge and others purely for pleasure.


Motoring started to really find its feet in the 1930s when engineering and competitive spirit came together in the form of racing cars. While careering round a track was only for the very bravest of men, mere mortals could get a safer slice of the action by racing spin dizzies – miniature tether cars modelled equal in size on racing cars which moved at nearly 70 miles per hour.


The world we are familiar with today is very different to how people believed it to be in the past. As explorers discovered new territories and countries laid claim to them, there was a repeated need to re-map everything. With this, the incredible art of globe-making thrived.


In a world of fast-everything, there’s something beautifully grounding about hobbies, interests, recreational activities and daily routines from bygone eras. Authentic Models creates delightful functional and decorative items which embody the passion, pride and craftsmanship of yesteryear. Combining historic character with modern day flair in original, tastefully designed objects. Always crafted out of the highest quality materials.


Before the technological revolution, those who travelled the world by sea were dependent on accurately calibrated physical instruments to safely navigate their way. At the mercy of the tides, the weather and the earth’s rotation, mastering the great oceans called for skilful use of a whole range of tools, which were robustly constructed to withstand the rigours of life on the ocean waves.