Elements of the Skies

From leisurely balloon rides to practical passenger jets and battle-winning war planes, conquering the skies remains one of mankind’s greatest achievements. Whether the triumph of flight signifies glamorous worlds of adventure and exploration or defending your nation’s freedom, Authentic Models celebrates its numerous forms through beautifully handcrafted original decoration pieces.


Our balloons combine color, decor and themes, all-in-one. They’re fascinating today as they were a century ago. Since 1783, balloons have traveled the skies. Just imagine viewing the earth from above, free as a bird and holding onto a balloon basket. Iconic and inspiring, these balloons will really fit into any home. Get ready to release the ballast and float away.


Our LED illuminated air balloons create a magical and mesmerizing spectacle against the night sky. These enchanting creations are a perfect blend of our traditional hot air ballooning and modern LED technology. As the sun sets and darkness descends, these graceful balloons come to life. It’s a beautiful reminder of how human creativity can turn a simple ride into a magical journey through the night.


Whether it’s our balloons or our planes; stainless steel wires and nylon lines will keep it in a constant graceful motion. A fun interior décor, it will fit in any kid’s room or den. They are easy to assemble and will survive the ages. Ever so graceful, even at this size the miniatures are authentic and correct in their details. Time to hang it up and enjoy the magnificant view.


Legendary and nostalgic. Aluminum, riveted propellers, noisy, but also safe and familiar. From the historic Ford Trimotor to the powerful Mustang; our plane models have unbelievable details. Every plane will be shipped with an aluminum stand with plaque so you can really expose your favorite plane collection. Are you ready for take-off?


Nostalgic and perfect replica’s of an early travel agent advertising sign; our aluminum desktop plane collection is out of the ordinary. We made the most classic and most historical important planes in a size that will make any desk looks astounding. From the breathtaking Concorde till the sensational Spitfire; every miniature we make will make your heart beat a little faster.


Nothing symbolises aviation history more simply and evocatively than propellers. Old ones were usally taken home, completed with a clock, and hung over the mantel. We have created faithful replicas of classic models and decorated them to become attractive wall décor. Respecting and celebrating history while making it relevant to modern day interioirs.