Everyday Life

In a world of fast-everything, there’s something beautifully grounding about hobbies, interests, recreational activities and daily routines from bygone eras.

Authentic Models creates delightful functional and decorative items which embody the passion, pride and craftsmanship of yesteryear. Combining historic character with modern day flair in original, tastefully designed objects. Always crafted out of the highest quality materials.


Enjoy the luxury of life in your home with our stylish Classic Decor collection. From our architectural helix and our gorgeous Spire of Demi-Dome till our whistles that will make you scream ”All hands on deck”. Admire the different walking sticks; all with unique ends. Whether it’s a telescope, a clock or compass; we will make sure we mix culture with usage.


Our game collection is for players, for lovers of beauty and art, and for interiors of refined style that require a classic game board or table on display at all times. For the ones that love the nostalgic feeling you get from grabbing your favorite game of the shelfs, dust it off and relive the moments and the memories of the good times. What game are you going to play next?.


Hospitality is an art. It is about making your customer happy, always beeing one step ahead of them. It is about going beyond the imagination of your client and simply making their wildest dreams come true. We made a collection of hospitality items, which combined functionality and fun, that will definitely leave everyone speechless and filled of astonishment.


Writing is one of the most important tools of our history. Through writing we can tell our stories, and that is something we love at Authentic Models. We use it to record our past, tell about the present or imagine what the future will look like. Our writing collection will help you write the first page of a journal, novel or just a letter to a loved one.