Crossing the seas

Exploration, embarking on new lives, enjoying leisure trips and sporting endeavor … are just some of the many reasons people have taken to the water over the centuries. For every past-time and purpose, numerous different vessels have been designed to ride the waves, sail the waterways and defeat the competition.

Authentic Models celebrates adventure, luxurious travel and challenge of waterborne pursuits through accurate, high-quality models of sailing ships, steamers, runabouts and decorative oars. Staying true to history, while also offering original decorative twists.


For thousands of years vessels were powered either by sails, or by the mechanical work of rowers, or by paddlers. Some vessels were propelled by both oars and sail, depending on the speed and direction of the wind. Many places have long histories of using ”trophy” oars on display in club houses around the world. Just like the classic oars, ours are made of high quality wood.


The throaty growl of that big engine built inside gleaming mahogany, rich leather, chrome trim. Leather padded seats displayed movie stars trying out the new bikini fashions. No Coast Guard was able to overtake these sleek twin-engine torpedo shaped racers. The curves, the looks, the excitement, the opulence. Stateside, the luxurious runabouts were de rigeur with Hollywood elite.


From our Authentic Models classics, the must-haves. Yacht quality lacquer finish in multiple colours. Wood hull, cotton sails, and a wood stand. To our once largest man-made moving object of the sea, with interioirs inspired by the greatest architects. Our models recreate vessels in fascinating external details. A pinnacle of endeavour and luxury!