Marine Souvenirs

Discover the essence of the sea with our Marine Souvenirs Collection by Authentic Models. Immerse yourself in a world of maritime wonder, where every piece tells a story of nautical history and adventure. From meticulously crafted model ships to exquisite nautical instruments, each item is a testament to fine craftsmanship and the timeless allure of the ocean. Perfect for collectors, sailors, and ocean enthusiasts alike, our collection offers a range of treasures that capture the spirit of the sea. Whether adorning your home or serving as a unique gift, these authentic pieces are sure to evoke a sense of wonder and exploration. Embark on a journey through maritime heritage with Authentic Models’ Marine Souvenirs Collection.



As a brand known for its commitment to authenticity, the 2024 collection from Authentic Models is a testament to the enduring appeal of craftsmanship and the timeless allure of classic design. Each item invites you to embark on a journey of discovery and rediscover the joy of surrounding yourself with objects of true beauty and substance.


the Seas

From secluded bays and tranquil seas to iconic rivers and daunting oceans, life on the water has meant many different things to different people through the ages. Explorers, immigrants, leisure travellers and those of a sporting disposition have each established their own bonds. Some through purpose, some for competitive challenge and others purely for pleasure.



A beautifully handcrafted globe is both a work of art and a historical reference point. With different versions through the centuries reflecting new knowledge gained by explorers and new territories claimed by countries. Authentic Models is a world leader in antique globe reproduction, still practicing the traditional complex gravure printing technique developed to display fine details.



When set in motion with a gentle swing, these skyhooks come alive, gracefully swaying through the air with a mesmerizing motion that evokes the charm of centuries past. Displayed as a focal point in your home or as a unique conversation piece, these beautiful home décor pieces invite you to experience the magic and elegance of a bygone era with each enchanting movement.



In a world of fast-everything, there’s something beautifully grounding about hobbies, interests, recreational activities and daily routines from bygone eras. Authentic Models creates delightful functional and decorative items which embody the passion, pride and craftsmanship of yesteryear. Combining historic character with modern day flair in original designed objects.


your course

Explorers depended on finely calibrated analogue instruments to measure time, assess weather, read maps, survey surroundings and identify direction. Capturing their spirit of adventure, Authentic Models’ fully functioning compasses, visionary aids, time-pieces and weather measuring devices pay homage to the significance of these inventions.